What drives us

What drives us are our customers' questions.

Your customers have questions, wishes and suggestions. We help you to turn these questions into answers. With our wealth of experience. With service numbers. With routing. And above all, with artificial intelligence.
Bühne – Was uns antreibt

From a simple question to complex AI solutions

During a project meeting to discuss a standard solution, one of our customers mentioned in passing what his biggest challenge was: How can I handle times of peak demand in the email centre? This question formed the basis of a lively discussion. The discussion turned into a pilot project that resulted in the service centre employees being relieved of having to deal with routine questions. This AI solution is not only in active service with this customer - it's now become the centrepiece of digicom ai.

Teamwork across industries

Our customers come from all branches of industry, public authorities and other organisations. They all share the common goal of always being reachable and fulfilling the high service expectations of their own customers. Because we work across industry sectors, we've developed an eye for what's important, what can be improved upon and how the spiral of constantly growing investment pressure can be broken out of.

Networked solutions in a networked world

We see our customers systematically going further down the path to internationalisation and globalisation on a daily basis. As experts in all things digital, we're leading the way. It's often only minor, inconspicuous legal or cultural peculiarities of international markets that cause us to take another look at our products and fine tune them a bit. This sharpens our sense for the challenge of getting a little better every day.


You can reach us by calling our hotline with any questions you have: +49 6131 499 8 699 (Monday to Friday, 08:00 - 18:00).


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