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Service numbers

Be contactable free of charge with 0800 service numbers

Irrespective of whether your customers are calling from a landline or mobile phone, 0800 service numbers offer them a free way of responding. This freephone option is not only ideally suited to providing a service for your existing customers, but represents an inviting way of initiating contact with potential customers, such as via marketing campaigns or ordering hotlines.

Fair cost sharing with 0180 service numbers

We recommend the shared cost model offered by 0180 service numbers in situations where you want to offer existing and potential customers a special service, such as a more in-depth consultation. The caller bears a clearly defined share of the costs - you can choose between seven different cost sharing models, from per-minute to block billing.

Indicate proximity to customers with intelligent local area numbers

Wherever you have a local office, you should emphasise the proximity to your customers this represents with an appropriate landline number. You can simultaneously use it with intelligent routing in order to forward calls to a central service department, for example. This is why we offer intelligent local area numbers for all 5,200 German area codes.

Attractive levels of remuneration with 0900 service numbers

0900 service numbers and the wide range of tariff options they offer are ideally suited for billing high-quality consultancy services and value-added services. The 0900 premium services dtms PayByte and dtms Payment Live offer a simple and secure method of billing online sales too.

Indicate global presence with international numbers

A geo call number means you're contactable using the country-typical dialling code in over 100 nations around the world, while enjoying all the freedom to route your calls as you wish. For example, you can have calls forwarded to your head office in Germany rather than answer them at the local office. You can even apply for your global, uniform freephone number 00800 and service numbers for internationally marketing your value-added services with us too.

Combine SMS and telephony with MultiChannel

The smartphone has long since become the universal communication centre. Whether they interact by SMS or phone - MultiChannel means your customers only have to remember one number in order to stay in touch with you. This makes MultiChannel the ideal way of profitably combining your existing product offerings and structures.

Generate additional revenue with the 118Kombi enquiry service

Creating greater awareness of your most important premium services is an easy job with the 118Kombi enquiry service: The 118Kombi is a five-digit enquiry number making it especially easy to remember, and as soon as a caller is forwarded to one of your services, you receive remuneration in the form of payment for the amount of time they are connected to your service.

Market digital goods attractively with Premium Voice

Your value-added services deserve an easy-to-remember abbreviated dialling number. Premium Voice makes your online offerings and digital goods, such as coins, songs and videos, available quickly, securely and at real premium prices. These abbreviated dialling numbers are especially attractive to resellers of payment solutions!


You can reach us by calling our hotline with any questions you have: +49 6131 499 8 699 (Monday to Friday, 08:00 - 18:00).


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