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Due to the growing complexity of multi-channel structures, it is becoming increasingly difficult for contact centre employees to maintain an overview of the entire communication process. The information relevant to fast service provision is often stored in different technical systems and must be retrieved and consolidated via different user interfaces.
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The focus is on your processes, not on technology.

Efficient communication in the contact centre begins with a comprehensive understanding of all processes and procedures from customer inquiry to response. Consistent digitalisation creates greater efficiency – if the individual channels and systems can be closely networked. Each communication channel has its own specific strengths, and your customer knows best how he/she would like to contact you. Our cloud contact centre systems fit seamlessly into your existing processes and demonstrate their strengths precisely – as a pure ACD telephony solution or as a platform fully integrated into your existing systems and databases.

Cloud contact centre, multi-channel ACD or call centre software?

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  • digicom Eventrouting

    Route. Bundle. Network.

    digicom is more than “just an ACD”: The platform bundles all contact channels under a uniform interface across all channels. The central benefit is that the technology platform can be used to integrate practically all internal company systems and databases, in addition to the usual contact centre applications, by means of open interfaces.

    Learn more about the digicom cloud contact centre – including a 30-day trial!


  • Dialog Control

    Intelligent call distribution.

    With Cloud ACD Dialogue Control, we offer call routing, monitoring and evaluation in an intuitively operated tool. Use the system for decentralised call distribution or as an ACD system that is fully integrated into your contact centre. With Dialogue Control you always have an overview of your service hotlines. The platform can be used as a telephony solution both on a stand-alone basis and fully integrated into Zendesk or Freshdesk systems.

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  • Zendesk Premier Solution Provider

    Omnichannel at it's best!

    To ensure that customer communication via various channels can be tracked and optimally processed in the service centre, Dialogue Control and Zendesk Premier Solution Provider offer a complete 360-degree view of all contact established and contact histories.

    Try out Zendesk – we will advise you!


The benefit to you

We cover a broad spectrum and are clearly focussed

Our customers come from all branches of industry, from public authorities and other organisations. They are united by the goal of always being reachable and fulfilling the high service promises to their customers. Precisely because we are active across all industries, we have developed an eye for what is important and what can be done better. Our more than 25 years of experience in telephony and call centres make us the perfect partner for you. We love customer dialogue in all its facets.

Ready for artificial intelligence

Made for each other!

Artificial intelligence and our call centre applications fit together seamlessly. In this regard, we focus on a change of perspective.

digicom and Dialog Control

Our contact centre solutions route incoming enquiries across all communication channels and departments quickly and precisely to the right contact person.

digicom ai

AI is often reduced to bots interacting with customers. digicom ai can also act as an internal knowledge system that supports contact centre employees in their work. Mixed scenarios can also be implemented, in which a bot answers routine questions independently and, in the case of more complex questions, passes them on to a human colleague.
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The most frequently used expressions briefly explained:

What does the abbreviation ACD stand for?

Automatic Call Distribution.
Often also multi-channel ACD, cloud ACD or contact centre and cloud contact centre.
The aim is to connect the caller as quickly as possible to the most suitable free agent. The same system is also used for fax, e-mail, web and other forms of communication = automatic message distribution.

What is an agent?

Also called a customer service representative. Employee of a call centre responsible for taking incoming customer calls (inbound) or performing customer calls (outbound) e.g. for customer support, answering questions, sales, order taking, scheduling appointment, sending information material and complaints. In addition to the term “agent”, terms such as operator, customer service employee, customer service representative or telemarketer are frequently used.

What does a contact centre do?

Often also referred to as a contact centre or service centre. A call centre is a tool for organising customer and market communications on the basis of telecommunications technology. Generally speaking, the customer is provided with a central phone number for this, under which the company itself or an external service provider offers a hotline or another service. Call centres are increasingly developing from a mere service facility into a central customer interface for the company. That is why they are today also referred to as customer interaction centres, communication centres or customer care centres.

What does logging in mean?

Term for an agent logging in to a computer system or to an ACD system in the call centre. Using this function, the agent can generally work at any workplace.

What is the call processing time?

It includes the actual call time including the follow-up work after the call.

Agent group - what is that?

In call centres, the pooling of several employees with a certain qualification that are controlled by the ACD system are mostly referred to as a group. A group has permanently assigned phone numbers (entry channels), and group rules and routings are stored for it.

What does follow-up time mean?

Refers to the work carried out by a call centre employee immediately after a call. It includes, for example, forwarding or processing orders or complaints, or initiating the dispatch of certain documents. In call centre technical language, follow-up work is frequently also referred to as after-call work or wrap-up.

What does queuing mean?

In addition to routing, queuing is one of the central tasks of the ACD system. This function ensures that all incoming calls are registered as a “queue” and handled according to defined priorities until they are forwarded to an agent or group for personal pick-up. This allows, for example, priority to be given to customers that are particularly lucrative. The queuing mechanism also ensures that incoming faxes or e-mails are processed within the agreed service times

What does service level stand for?

It is the name for the parameter that measures the personal reachability of a call centre. The service level comprises two factors:
1: the percentage of callers who reach a call centre employee in person.
2: a time interval - normally measured in seconds - in which these calls are picked up personally.

What is a supervisor?

Term used for the line manager of a group of employees (agent group) within a call centre.

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