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Event routing.
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More and more channels of communication – up until now, this has meant more and more dedicated systems, more and more tools and more and more staff to deal with customers. When you choose digicom, you choose a platform that pools these resources more efficiently. digicom routes all events in an overarching system thus increasing your availability both quantitatively and qualitatively. The platform strategy ensures that you can continue to use all of your existing systems and network them even more effectively too. What's more, you retain the option of incorporating any future technical advancements.

The 5 principles of digicom event routing

  • Cross-system events

    digicom structures your customer dialogue holistically.

  • Process-orientated workflow

    digicom incorporates all processes within a common user interface.

  • Streamlined infrastructure

    digicom uses the capabilities of your existing systems to the full.

  • Full AI compatibility

    digicom can be upgraded to digicom ai at any time.

  • Straightforward implementation

    You can test digicom for 30 days free of charge and without obligation.

Universal event routing

digicom resolves the issue of channel fragmentation.

One of the key requirements of digitalisation is overcoming media discontinuities. The reality is that, in call centres especially, much information gets lost, and, in some respects, this issue has become worse in recent years. Whether managing email, live chat, social media or the still vital telephone support – there are highly specialised tools available for every channel of communication. The result is that dialogue with the customer often takes place fragmented across different systems. With digicom, you see all channels as a whole and can synchronise data across the individual systems. This gives rise to synergies that simplify your procedures and workflows again.


What are events and what makes this approach so efficient?
  • An event is the term given to the individual contact instances in the customer dialogue process. This includes everything from email, telephone, fax, live chat and social media to personal visits.
  • Event routing is far more capable than an automatic call distribution (ACD) system: digicom provides your employees with direct access to all events and the associated customer details via a common user interface.
  • Bundling the channels and systems like this enables all-encompassing, seamless customer dialogue with a minimum of familiarisation and training time.
  • Your customers can get the information and advice they're looking for more easily. Questions quickly become reliable answers.


Bundled communication

The focus is on your processes, not the technology.

Every channel of communication has its own particular strengths, and your customer knows best how he wishes to get in touch with you. In order to achieve a streamlined workflow, it's crucial that your staff can access all conversations via a common user interface. digicom enables every department and every single specialist to work with each channel with the same level of proficiency. Most importantly, however, the customer's response actually arrives in the systems: Every customer dialogue employee is able to access the customer data and procedures he is authorised for via a highly granular permissions system.


How does digicom organise your workflow and processes?
  • digicom reflects the most current versions of your data pool and processes transparently and without redundancies.
  • digicom works across all channels (voice, email, SMS, etc.), across all departments (sales, marketing, product management, etc.) and across all systems (DCM, ERP, CRM, ticketing systems, etc.).
  • Your staff have all the relevant customer data at their fingertips to deal with every question. This not only includes the usual master data, but also details about products the customer himself has put together, for instance.
  • In addition, you can use the dialler to automatically work outbound campaigns too. With conversation guides, responding to freely configurable questionnaires, completely integrated into the distribution structure.


Return on Investment

digicom becomes the central management hub for your resources.

During the course of our daily work, we see that our customers have invested heavily over the years in their IT landscape and systems, such as ERP, CRM and DMS. digicom takes a cross-system approach that allows these individual investments to be integrated by you at a new, much higher level. We consciously developed digicom as a lean, cloud-based platform, so you aren't investing in additional hardware, but a flexible, cost-effective and completely future-proof solution.


How does digicom save you money?
  • digicom uses your existing dedicated systems and seamlessly connects them with each other. We don't determine which systems you need - your systems determine how we integrate digicom.
  • digicom automatically makes the necessary cloud resources available, so you don't have to keep any hardware on standby to deal with times of peak load and only ever pay for the capacity you actually use.
  • We're constantly developing digicom, and you can immediately use the latest technical innovations via the cloud.
  • Open interfaces mean that digicom always keeps up with the evolution of your IT landscape.


Ready for digicom ai

Artificial intelligence for routine tasks.

The cross-system event routing delivers inquiries to the responsible person within your company via the most direct route. In so doing, the digicom platform sees to it that your existing resources are used in the most efficient way possible. However, the number of overflow destinations remains fundamentally limited by your manpower. digicom ai's customer-focused artificial intelligence allows you to go one step further, though: recurring routine questions are automatically dealt with by the AI, which means your staff can concentrate on the really important phone calls, emails and live chats.


How do digicom and digicom ai work together?


  • digicom uses the technical interfaces to your company's systems in order to link together the relevant information.
  • digicom uses the event routing to forward inquiries across communication channels and departments to the right person.
  • digicom ai augments this with an additional virtual agent. The AI recognises standard inquiries, such as "Where is my delivery?", and answers them automatically.
  • The interface technology used by digicom forms the basis for integrating digicom ai into your systems. As such, you can upgrade digicom with digicom ai at any time.


Available now

Your streamlined, infinitely scalable communications platform.

digicom doesn't care which channel an event comes in on. It immediately gets to work establishing availability. This is exactly the same philosophy we use when installing the system at your premises. Thanks to our more than 20 years of experience in developing customer dialogue systems, we know what's important for your business. And the interface technology not only results in streamlined processes during operation, but during roll-out too. Just give us a call - we'll sit down together and plan out the next steps with you.


When are you going to test digicom's event routing?
  • digicom is a worthwhile addition wherever you use multiple communication channels for customer dialogue - or are planning to do so in the near future.
  • We can provide you with a 30-day basic trial access so you can discover the benefits offered by event routing free of charge and without obligation.
  • Or get started right away with a personalised feature set! We'll discuss the specific features you wish to use with you personally.


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